Sagal Pathology Center



The center processes all biopsies from different sites of the human body including incisional and excisional biopsies.

Histopathological services provided by our center include:

1. Breast lesions

2. Esophageal masses

3. Gastric lesions

4. Skin lumps

5. Soft tissue and Bone masses

6. Infections 

7. Thyroid lesions

8. Lymph node

9. All internal organ Biopsies (Prostate, Colon, Liver, Lung, Brain, etc)

Guidance for Specimen Collection & Delivery

1. Put the Biopsy Specimen in a Container filled with 10% Formalin

2. Label the Specimen container with patient’s full name and Anatomic site

3. Send the Specimen with the filled request form (Patient’s Initial Data & Brief Clinical, Laboratory & Clinical Information)

Note: In case the specimen is collected at night or holidays, Please keep the specimen in the formalin container and room temperature.


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