Sagal Pathology Center

Semen Analysis

Sagal Pathology Center performs Semen Analysis for referral patients and those who come directly to our pathology laboratory.

Semen Analysis is the singular test for fertility in male and provides information on Sperm production, patency of the male ducts, the function of the accessory glands and ejaculative function.

Semen Analysis includes physical, chemical and microscopic examination; The test is carried under strict standard operating procedure where the patient is instructed when and how to give the sample.

The turn around time for semen analysis is 24 hours.

If you want to do Semen Analysis, Kindly visit our center before collecting the sample or Call 0614102040 to get full instructions.

Guidance for Specimen Collection & Delivery

Patients are required to strictly adhere the following instructions:

1. Consult with the referring doctor or call us before giving the sample

2. Patient should abstain from intercourse or masturbation for at least 3 to 5 days prior to collection of semen.

3. Masturbation is the preferred way to give the sample, NOT Coitus by using condom nor Coitus interruption by withdrawing the penis

4. Once Masturbated, Direct the Sperm into a Clean Sample cap (container); The cap should be labelled with patient’s Name and Age. 

DON’T use lubricant or other substance during masturbation because they may kill the sperm or affect the interpretation.

5. Once Semen is Collected, the Sample should be delivered to our Laboratory within 30 minutes in Compliance with the World Health Organization’s recommendation

Note: We recommend collecting the sample at the hospital designated rooms. 

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