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PAP Smear

PAP Smear

PAP Smear is a Screening test for Cervical Cancer. It detects abnormal changes in the Cervix, the lower part of the Uterus.

The test is done for Sexually active woman aged 21 to 65 years old with the aim of early detection of Cervical cell changes.

One does not need special preparation and can check in to do the test on demand.

Sagal Pathology Centre performs Annual FREE PAP Smear tests for all women usually in February 4th and certain other dates. Please Follow Our Facebook for such updates.

Guidance for Specimen Collection & Delivery

Physicians can either perform the PAP Smear test in their clinic or collection rooms or Send the patient to Sagal Pathology Center.

If you prefer to perform in your clinic, Kindly inform us as we will provide all the materials required (PAP kit, Speculum, Fixative, etc).

Once the test is performed, the Specimen can be kept in room temperature until delivery

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